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Makka Features

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The Beginning

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The Story of the Sacred Water

Sara, Prophet Ibrahim wife's (peace be upon him), offered him Hajer as a gift, whom Ibrahim married and got his son Ismail (peace be upon him). Prophet Ibrahim was 86 years old at that time...


The Story of the Sacred Water

Sara, Prophet Ibrahim wife's (peace be upon him), offered him Hajer as a gift, whom Ibrahim married and got his son Ismail (peace be upon him). Prophet Ibrahim was 86 years old at that time.

Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him) took his wife Hajer and his son Ismail (peace be upon him) to Mecca which was only a valley between two mountains and left them there with only dates and water as supplies. His wife Hajer called him "Ibrahim, where were you going and leaving us in this valley with no company?", Ibrahim didn't answer her.

She asked him again: "Ibrahim, did God ordered you to do so?" He said yes, to which she replied then he will not leave us, and returned to her place; so Ibrahim continued his way where he reached the house and raised his hands and prayed:

"Lord, I left my wife and son in a barren desert at your sacred House; Lord, let them pray, let some people follow them, give them from your fruits and show them how to offer thanks."

After they were out of water and food, Hajer started climbing up Al Safa Hill maybe she finds someone who saves them or finds food and water, but all were in vain. Then she climbed Al Mrowa Hill seven times until she got tired.

Then God sent Jubraeel (Peace be upon Him) who hit the ground with the foot of the newborn Ismail (Peace be upon Him) from where a spring explodes which Hajer caught its water and said "zemmi zemmi".

After few days, some people from Jurham tribe arrive there who saw birds flying above the place so knew there is water there. They ask Hajer to stay with her and her Son and drink from the water of Zemzem Spring for a fee the pay for her, so Hajer agreed to this.

Scientists started analyzing Zemzem water, origin and place from this story.


Zemzem originates specifically from inside Mecca Temple from an opening of 45 cm long and 30 cm high directly under the black stone from where the biggest amount of water flows. The second source is from a big opening towards Al Mikbariya (a building for praying and dwelling facing Al Tawaf), of 70 cm long and 30 cm high, divided from the inside to two openings. Also there exist small one-meter openings between the building stones in the well from where water gets out, five of which are within the distance between the two basic openings. In addition to 21 other openings which start from beside the first basic opening towards Abi Kbeis Mount from Al Safa and the other one from the side of Al Mrowa.

The meaning of Zemzem water

Al Harbi said: Zemzem took its name from water sound (zemzemat). Al Masoudi said: It was called Zemzem since horses headed there in old days and murmured at that place, and "murmuring" is the sound horses make during drinking. Ibin Abbas mentioned that it was called Zemzem it zoomed inside soil to avoid going right and left and spread in all directions… God knows.

Some tried to manufacture mineral water with same specifications as Zemzem water which all failed, even though Zemzem specifications are well known. This confirms one of the secrets of God's miracle of this water.

Geology teachers at The Environmental and Researches Institute of Ain Shams University in Egypt, launched researches which confirmed that Zemzem water has specifications which discriminate it from other water types around the world, some of which are:
It doesn't rot; neither changes color or smell, which resembles real honey that is not affected when exposed to air due to its chemical ingredients which prohibit bacteria, viruses, and fungi formations.


As the Messenger of God (May God bless Him and grant Him salvation) mentioned from more than 1400 years ago: (The best water on earth, the water of Zemzem, where the taste of food, and the healing of diseases).

He also said: If one drinks from water of Zemzem, he will heal from diseases; and if he drinks it out of thirst, God will quench his thirst; it is a hole for Jubraeel and drink for Ismail.

Aaesha said: (The Messenger of God (May God bless Him and grant Him salvation) used to carry the water of Zemzem which He poured on sick people and give them to drink).

This conversations shows to us one of the many ways of healing with water of Zemzem:

  • The water of Zemzem is brought to the sick person by a man who carries it in a pot.
  • The carrier of this water starts pouring it over the head of the sick person with the will that God will heal him from his sickness.
  • An easier way is that the sick person washes himself with the water of Zemzem with the will of getting healed.
  • After that, he has to drink from it too much, taking into consideration that to heal from diseases one must believe in the speech of the Messenger of God (May God bless Him and grant Him salvation) and trust with all his heart that God made the water of Zamzam a healing water. Those who believe will be granted certitude, for accepting to be healed by Zemzem water… if God wills.
  • A center for filling Zemzem water which is responsible for machine water bottling in special 20 liter bottles then deliver to pilgrimages during their stay in Mecca.

After this story and analyzing the water of Zamzam, it was decided to open an office for this water:

In the year of 1403 AD, a decree stated that an office for Zemzem water must be established to unify efforts in service of pilgrimages with the main aim of offering the best services to God's visitors and reach with services to high levels which goes side by side with the vast developments that our country is witnessing in the supervision of the Custodian of the two holy Mosques, God bless him. This office serves visitors of different nationalities arriving to the Kingdom by offering them Zemzem water where ever they are since their arrival till their departure of the sacred lands.

The Aim for establishing this center

This center was established on a distance of 3200 m² in the pilgrimage season of year 1422 AD to perform machine water bottling of Zemzem and distribute them on pilgrimages in their dwellings during their stay in Mecca and to ensure the purity of Zemzem water from any pollutions which may accompany manual water bottling which was excluded from the office work schedules.