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Mecca is an ancient city and has deep roots in history and has been called by multiple names over the periods of times and perhaps...

Makka Features

Mecca, the sacred land, the most lovely country to God, and to His Messenger, the target for Muslims...

The Beginning

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The Story of the Sacred Water

Sara, Prophet Ibrahim wife's (peace be upon him), offered him Hajer as a gift, whom Ibrahim married and got his son Ismail (peace be upon him). Prophet Ibrahim was 86 years old at that time...


Mecca, the sacred land, the most lovely country to God, and to His Messenger, the target for Muslims, the nearest to their hearts and the shelter for their pilgrimage, their group gathering and meeting place, God granted it greatness and glory when He created the heavens and earth. It contains the Kaaba, the first house for God worship on earth, and God made it divine, so He endowed it with safety to cover even trees or plants there which were not cut, neither its birds killed, and the reward of works done there better than those done elsewhere, and the prayer inside the house equals to hundreds thousand prayers. Mecca derived its greatness, holiness, and safety form the greatness, holiness, and safety of the House, where God said: {He who enters it was safe}.

And it was God's will that Mekkah contained the Holy Kaaba, and the sacred Mosque; which has its impact and results on building and construction of Mecca, as well as on its inhabitants.


Mecca is located at the intersection of the two latitudes 25/21 to the north, and longitudes 49/39 north, and this site is considered one of the most difficult geological formations, where most of its rocks are of very solid granite, with a height of more than three hundred meters above sea level to.

Ibrahim valley, which is confined between two nearby series of mountains, embraces Mecca.

Mecca has three main entrances: "Al Mulat" known as (Al Hajoun) and Al Mesfalah, and (Al Shubaika). The people agreed that (Al Mulat) is all what is above the level of the ground of the Sacred Mosque and (Al Mesfalah) is all what is below.

Mecca was built by Prophet Ibrahim (peace upon him) and his son Ismail, and has several names: Umm Al Qura, Bakkah, the Safe Country, and all names were mentioned in the Holy Quran.

Mecca rises 330 meters above sea level, and is located on latitude (31°); its area exceeds (4800) hectares, and has a population of more than (600,000) which increases during the days of different seasons especially pilgrimage season. Mecca has developed networks of roads and tunnels connecting between its peripherals and the Sacred Mosque at its center, and a circular route which connects all of Mecca with the religious sites via tunnels and bridges, and a path for pedestrians shadowed and equipped with all services.

Mecca has developed health services and advanced telephone network connecting it to all parts of the world and to all of the sacred sites; in addition to civilized services which doubled during pilgrimage season.

Features: The Sacred Sites


Arafat… so called its the place where Adam and Eve got acquainted to each other or due too the fact that Gabriel (God bless him and grant him salvation) was introduced to Prophet Ibrahim (God bless him and grant him salvation), and then asked him Do you know? Ibrahim replied: "Yes". Ibin Abbas said: it was then called Arafat maybe because people confessed their sins there. It is located outside the boundaries of the sacred land and to the south-east of the Sacred Mosque, 22 kilometers across the street and it has a total area of 10.4 square kilometers, and pilgrims gather there on the ninth day of the month of Di Al Hijja to perform their noon and afternoon prayers.

Namera Mosque

With open "N" and consonant "M". Namera is a small mountain west to the Mosque from which Namera Mosque took its name. The Prophet of God stayed in a tent in Namera on the Day of Arafa.

When the sun started to set he moved to the center of Arafa Valley where he orated and prayed then moved to Al Sakhrat and after sunset he continued to Muzdalifah.

He built a mosque at the site where he orated and prayed (God bless him and grant him salvation), at the center of Arafa Valley during the first era of the Abbaside Caliphate in the middle of the second century Hijri. The center of the valley is not part of Arafa; but after the expansion of the mosque which took place throughout history, the Mosque front became outside Arafat and its rear inside Arafat, where there exist indicative paintings proving this.

Al Sakhrat Mosque

It is located in Arafat at the bottom of Mount of Mercy to the right, and it is rising a little bit from the ground surrounded by a short wall and contains huge rocks where the Messenger of God (God bless him and grant him salvation) stopped at the eve of Arafa on his camel.

Mount Al Rahma

A small mountain consisting of large firm embers located to the east of Arafat between roads # 7 & 8. The surface of the mountain is wide and flat with a round supporting wall of a height about 57 cm and in the middle a bench about 40 cm high, and Al Sakhrat Mosque and Zubaida river course at the bottom of this mountain surrounded on the plain by water fountains of 4 meters high to spray water during standing time to mitigate the atmosphere and reduce sun heat.


Muzdalifah is located between Mina and Arafat and was called so due to the fact that people settled during the night there or that they were pushed out of it all together, and it has this plural name because Adam and Eve met there or due to the meeting of the pilgrims in it, … etc.

The Sacred Mosque

It is located in Muzdalifah on road num 5, and it is roofed and is 90 meters long from east to West and 56 meters wide and its area 5040 meters square. It accommodates more than twelve thousand worshipers and at its rear has two lighthouses of 32 meters high. The Mosque has an entrance at each eastern, northern, and southern part, and follows it a place for ritual ablution and separate toilets for men and women. About 5 km separates Muzdalifah Mosque from Al Khaif Mosque and is 7 km far from Namira Mosque.

It was called Mina for the blood shed in it and due to people gathering there. It is located between Mecca and Muzdalifah 7 km away to the north eastern of The Sacred Mosque, and 4 km away via the tunnel. It contains the pilgrims house on 9-11-12 evenings of Di El Hujja for those who rush, and on 13 evening for those who are late.

It is a sacred site located inside the boundaries of Mecca where Prophet Ibrahim (Peace be upon him) threw embers and offered a sacrifice instead of Ismail (Peace be upon him). It also contains Al Khaif Mosque and the Three Embers.

The Embers

Plural for ember, and they are small stones. The three embers in Mina are: The small ember, the center ember, and Al Akaba Ember which consists of stone pillars in the middle of three basins, a mark for the place where the devil appeared when Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon Him) hit him with embers. But the basins around the pillars were built after year 1292 A.D. to ease crowding.

This is an old picture of the embers and stone collection in one place. One can notice that the Al Akaba Ember basin is built from one side because this ember was adjacent to a small mountain and when the latter was removed to widen the road, the basin remained as a half circle. Due to the huge number of pilgrims, an upper floor for embers was built after year 1383 A.D., which was widened several times. The distance between Al Akaba Ember and the center ember is about 247 meters, and that between the center ember and the small ember is about 200 meters.

Al Khaif Mosque

Al Khaif is all what is descended from mountain surface and raised from water route… From here Al Khaif Mosque took its name, and it is located on the southern part of Mina mountain plain near to the Small Ember, where Prophet Mohamad (God bless Him and grant him salvation) had prayed.

This mosque attracted the attention and care of the Moslems successors during history, and was widened and constructed in 1407 A.D. It contains four lighthouses and has 410 air conditioners, and 1100 fans which help in mitigating the atmosphere in the mosque; in addition to more than thousand toilets and three thousand basins for ritual ablution. The expansions in Mecca and the sacred sites is still continuous till date during the era of the united government, God bless it…

As we can notice that the sacred house after expansion has overrun roads and avenues, so one wonders how Mecca would look like during the coming years!!!!!