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Searching and Booking a Hotel:

Account needs to be created if Booking or Sending a Booking Request is required.
No need to create account of only search is desired.

Steps to create your USERNAME AND PASSWORD:

  • Create your own account on WEBSITE
  • Receiving a confirmation email, click on the link mentioned
  • Enter your user name: same email entered and your password

Search your accommodation:

  • Plan your stay if it's in hotel or furnished apartment.
  • Select your city.
  • Choose dates for your reservation.
  • Specify the number of rooms-adults in hotel / or number rooms per units and number of passenger in furnished apartment, then Search
The system will then display the search results with NET rates as well as availability.

Availability and booking STATUS:

  • If the status shows as "BOOK" you are able to book/confirm/pay and issue your vouchers instantly.
  • If the status is shown as "SEND BOOKING REQUEST" that means that we need to check the availability with the hotel before we can confirm your booking. This usually takes less than 24 hours.
  • You are able to send request and pay the booking guarantee amount. Specific amount will be held on your credit card as "Booking Guarantee" until we confirm your booking.
  • Our help desk team will check with the accommodation supplier if your request is confirmed. This usually takes less than 24hrs. The status of your request will be shown in your profile - under booking request for rooms/ units.
  • Booking status details:
    • Activate your booking: that means your booking is confirmed from our side
    • Booking refused: that means no availability in the mentioned hotel
    • Time-out booking: that means we confirm your booking and send you reminder to your email but you didn't confirm the booking.
    Please note that we'll not charge until your reservation is finalized.
  • If the booking is confirmed from our side, you are able to complete the procedure, and pay the full amount of the booking. Then print your voucher out.
  • If we are not able to obtain your exact request, the "Booking Guarantee" will be released and no charge will apply to your credit card.
  • If you decided you do not want the booking anymore, before confirming your request, the "Booking Guarantee" will be return to your credit card.
  • Any upgrade can be done on the booking before check out date.
  • Steps: after booking is confirmed you are allow to send any upgrade to your request meals added, airport pickup, extend room night, or any additional services/ facilities to your room
  • Go to your room/unit reservation then select the booking you wish to send the upgrade to, then select send upgrade box.
  • Write down your request then send.
  • Payment procedure will be same as the payment procedure of booking request.
  • We will receive your upgrade request and confirm it for you if it's available in the hotel, if not it will be refused without any charge.
  • If it's available we will confirm it, the status will be shown in the room/unit reservation - upgrade request.
  • Activate your upgrade and pay the remains amount.
  • Your upgrade will be added to your request automatically in the voucher. Reprint your voucher after upgrade is done.
  • Any cancellation can be done before check in date. Cancellation policies will be displayed on your voucher.


In order to guarantee your booking, the valid credit card information is a required to proceed with our reservation. (All of your credit card information will keep confidential and never release to a third party)

WEBSITE accepts payment through VISA and MASTER CARD for now.




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