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Makkah Transportations

Makkah is the aim destination for all Muslims all over the world, as it’s the city, which held the Holy Mosque and Kaaba. Obviously, transportation is a big issue then.

There are no airport in Makkah, so it has 5 land ports:

  • Makkah-Jeddah Highway….This is for the visitors who come to Makkah from Jeddah or through Jeddah Airport.
  • Makkah AlLAith Road….for the visitors who come from Southern area and Yemen.
  • Makkah-Madinah Road…for the visitors who come from Madenah And Sham Countries.
  • Makkah-Taif alsail Road…for visitors Taif and Najd.
  • Makkah-Taif AlHada Road… for visitors Taif and Najd, as well.


In the regular, low and medium season, the visitors’ private cars face no proble accessing Makkah Boundaries. But in the High seasons –Ramadan nad Hajj) all the cars kept out side Makkah city at the ports. There many free, safe parking. So what the visitor needs is just to book a park for the car and leave it there. Then the visitors can take a Taxi or a bus to get them inside Makkah, to the Holy Mosque or their hotel as pre-agreed. These precautions is due to two facts, one that Makkah city is surrounded with mountain which make its geographical surface so hard to cut through. Second, Major District inside makkah is going through a process of development, which make the roads network is a real mess with the inside transportations!

Moreover, the major District in Makkah is the Central District, which surround the Holy Mosque. There’s no single Parking space in that area. In addition, the nearest private Parking areas to the Holy Mosque are extremely expensive in the high seasons.

Another way to get to Makkah directly from the airport is to book your transportation with your hotel booking, as many hotels offer Airport Taxi service. Also you can book a private Taxi from the airport to get you to Makkah, but usually they charge you costly fees especially in high seasons.