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Articles About Makkah


Old Shopping Centers, Parks, and Restaurants in Mecca

Public Markets:

  • Abdullah Areef Street (previously Al Setteen)
  • Mansour Street
  • Al Hajoun Street (Al Otaibiya) or (Al Nosous) Helou
  • Al Azeeziya Street
  • Al Hajj Street which contains some furniture markets like Al Dawass Market
  • Al Hafaer Street which contains Moghammas Public Market for selling carpets and moquette and its the cheapest among all, located in front of Hayat Regency Hotel (currently Metropolitan).
  • Al Mesfala Street contains Al Mesfala
  • Market near car parking.
  • Al Ghazza Street (Abdallah Al Faisal) near to Marwa area.

Central Markets:

  • Al Hijaz Market on Jedda-Mecca Highway
  • Al Diyafa Market near to Hajoun
  • Mecca International Market in Keddi and Banda
  • Al Mostahlik for bulk food sale in Al Kaakiya south to Mecca on Jazan Road with one branch in Al Diyafa Market and another branch in Jaroul.
  • Watani Shops on Al Awali Road in front of Bathaa Koraish plan.

Parks and Recreation:

  • Al Hakeer Fun Town, right ring road from Mecca to Jeddah.
  • Al Hijaz Market, contains recreation centers and snack restaurants.
  • Al Diyafa Market
  • Mecca Market


  • Al Baik Raki Broast and Joumbari, has several branches in Mecca in Oum El Qora Street near to Al Setteen Street, and another branch in Al Aziziya, and on in Al Zaher.
  • Haraa Restaurants, famous for public Meccawi food like zerbian rice, sambousik, troumba, saqat, adamat, barbeques, etc
  • Bin Ali Restaurants for kabab and mabshour in Jeroul and Al Aziziya.
  • Al Damanhouri Restaurant for Indonesian food, Al Setteen Street.
  • Asia Southeast Restaurant, Al Nozha Street near to Al Setteen, contains luxurious family hall, Indonesian food and Turkish barbeques.
  • Nojoud Restaurant, Al Nozha Street, Indonesian food.
  • Ekhwan Restaurant, in Al Taysseer Street near to Jeroul for mentou and farmouza, the cleanest mentou restaurant in Mecca, supervised by its owner.
  • Albornip Fish Restaurant on Ekhwan Restaurant extension, famous since a long time.
  • Restaurants selling ras al mandi near to Albornip Fish Restaurant.
  • The Holy Capital Restaurant, fresh Shami barbeques.