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Mosques in Makkah

Makkah is the Muslims all around the world destination, as it holds on its holy land the Holy Mosque and the Sacred Kaaba. All the attention is shifted towards the Holy Mosque and the extensions that added to its space to accommodate the annually million visitors!

But aside from the fundamental importance of the Holy Mosque, there are many Mosques with significant history in them worth to be recognized.

So in this Article we are going to highlight some of the famous Mosques in Makkah:

AL Rayah Mosque: In Makkah There are 3 Mosques known by this name:

The 1st: Khalid Bin AlWaleed Mosque, located in Haret All Bab, the story claim that the Mosquesí location is the same location where Khalid Bin AlWaleed held his Banner on the day of Makkah battle.

The 2nd is the Mosque where Quais Bin Obadah or Zubair Bin Awam held his banner in the Opening Day of Makkah. The mosque was totally destroyed in the early times of Saudi Governance and lately it was rebuilt.

The 3rd one and the most famous one among the 3 is the one Prophet Mohamad Peace Be Upon Him has mount his banner in its location and itís been said that he has prayed there.

Jinn Mosque: It was named reference to its location where Prophet Mohamad Peace Be Upon Him has alleged jinn. Also, Makkah Residents calle it Al Haras Mosque, as in the old days the Guards used to gather in this area.

Abo Baker Al Sedik Mosque: Itís located in the same place as its old house before immigrating from Makkah to Madinah. Lately it was demolished and became part of Southern Makkah Tower which located in the Southern side of the Holy Mosque.

Ejabah Mosque: The importance of this Mosque come from the fact that Prophet Mohamad Peace Be Upon Him has prayed Al Mgreb in.

Al Bayah Mosque (Allegiance Mosque): This mosque was built in the location of the second Alakaba Allegiance. It was first built in the era of Abbasid Caliphate.

Kabsh Mosque: Itís located near Mina, in the same location, where Allah has traded the life of Ismail peace be upon him with scapegoat.

Al Khafe Mosque: It was built in Mina. It was one of the Mosques that Prophet Mohamad Peace Be Upon Him has prayed in when he was performing Pilgrimage in his Farewell Pilgrimage. This Mosque was totally destroyed and rebuilt missing all the specialty f features in its old structure.

Mashar Al Haram Mosque: It was built in Muzdalifa, between Al Kafe Mosque in Mina and Nimra Mosque in Arafah.

Nimra Mosque: Itís also known as Ibrahim Al Khalil Mosque and Arafa Mosque as well. It was built on the place where Prophet Mohamad Peace Be Upon Him has prayed Noon and Aser prayers combined.

Aishah Mosque: It was built on the same place where Aishah has got ready to perform Omrah.

This was a quick glance on the most significant Mosques in Makkah. Each one of these Mosques embraces a great history and holy memories.