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Mountains in Makkah

Mountains of Makkah Al Mukkarrma hold great historical significance as well as religious value. They are places of revelation of Quran and worship.

Al Nour Mountain

Al Nour Mountain is located east of Makkah to the north. It occupies Hira'a cave, it was the Prophet favorite place to reflect and pray before becoming Allahs messenger. It is also the place where he received the first verses of Holy Quran from AI Alaq Sura for the Angel Gabriel It is called AI Nour Mountain because it was the start point for Propagation, as the word "Nour" means light

Thour Mountain

It is the mountain that contains Thour cave, in which Messenger of Allah (Peace of Allah be up on him) and his companion AI Sideeq spent three days during their flee from Makkah to AI Madinah. This mountain is in the southern direction of Makkah and its height is about 761 meters above sea level.


Abu Qubais Mountain

This big mountain extends from north to northwest directions. It dominates the Holy Mosque and extends between Kadaa and AI Qaar, between them there is Ibrahim valley in the east and Tuwa valley in the west. The name of the mountain become unknown now-a-days to most people, but there are some parts of it known today, which are:

  • AI Abadi Mountain, at northwestern
  • AI Hajoun, which is the eastern extension
  • Hindi mountain, at southern
  • AI Sulaimaneyyah, which is the part dominating AI Moo'lah cemetery. The name was deduced from that of AI Sheikh Mohamed Sutaiman AI Maghrabi.

Thubair Gheyna'a or Thubair Al.Thbrrah mountain

It is known today by the name Al Rakham Mountain. This mountain is one of the biggest and highest Makkah Mountains. It dominates Mina from the north direction and faces Hira'a from the south. Its old name was Thubair Gheyna'a or Thubair Al Athbirah, its summit is called zat AI Gitadah, and it's eastern direction is called Thuqbah.

Thubair Al Zinj mountain

This mountain has many names, such as :
Omer mountain: which is the part dominating AI shidaikals and AI Hafa'ir areas.
AI Naqah mountain: adjacent to Omer mountain from southeast direction. It's rocky shape is similar to that of a camel.
AI Sharashif Mountain: which is the south-eastern part of the mountain.
Al Hafa'ir mountain: this area is nowadays a high population density district .

AI Hujoun or AI Hujoul Mountain

AI Hujoun Mountain dominates AI Ma'alah cemetery. Near this mountain, there is the tomb of prophet's wife, AI Saydah Khadeejah Bint Khuwelid.

Sila' Mountain

This mountain is of moderate height, to the east of Makkah, in the Arafat area, and it is still known by this name. This mountain obstructs the Arnah flood. In AI Madinah AI Munawarah, there is another mountain known by this same name.

Ghurab Mountain

In Makkah AI Mukkarrma, there are more than one mountain carrying this name, such as:

  • Ghurab AI Dahs: west of Makkah, in AI Rusaifah area.
  • Ghurab AI Musfilah: between kadi and Ajyad.
  • Ghurab Azokhir: it is the famous one, and it still carries this name.

Azakhir is known now by the name Ree'a Zakhir, and because is black, it carries the name "Ghurab".